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On Tue, 11 May 2010, in Open Links , Reports , by Ernesto Belisario

Over the past few months I worked a lot of "Open Government", and that is the new model of Directors (strongly backed by President Obama and that is rapidly spreading in many other countries) under which, according to the definition given by 'friend Gigi Cogo , Bodies "must be open and available to facilitate effective action and ensure public control on 'work."

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In particular, I tried to address the legal issues related to the adoption of the Open model in our country ( here has published an interview with me on the " Italian way to the Open Data "and the theme will also speak to FORUMPA the interesting conference " Innovation without permission. Prospects and challenges of government 2.0 "); is not a mystery, in fact, that Italy is one of the few Western nations where philosophy Open has not yet made ​​inroads and regulatory profiles (copyright, privacy and transparency) are likely to become a serious obstacle to the practical implementation of these new policies.
It is a cultural closure, even before the organizational and legislation; it is no coincidence, for example, that the "Open Government" Wikipedia is not translated into Italian and that there is no site ours where we discuss these issues systematically.

For this reason, I decided to start a new section of this blog, called "Open Link" in which to gather and report news, ideas and comments on the subject, so as to contribute to initiate discussion.

1. It seems only right to start with the reporting of government sites that have already taken concrete actions, so that everyone can understand that this is not mere theory or unattainable utopia. We start from the examples of the USA ( ), the UK ( ) and New Zealand ( ).

2. The Privacy Imperative Jeff Jonas , interesting post on the implications on privacy.

3. Case study: how open data saved Canada $ 3.2 billion , a very interesting analysis of Canadian experience that explains why the Open really works.

4. The Three Laws of Open Data , a stimulating article published on the blog of the Government 2.0 Taskforce Australian .

If you have reports for future numbers of Open Links, do not hesitate to inviarmele.
Happy reading and see you next :)

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