Months are important for innovation of our country: the Government, through a special "Control Room" is writing the ' Digital Agenda Italian (ADI).

With almost two years of delay, even Italy has decided to develop its own strategy for implementing the European Digital Agenda that were claimed by the government, has a long-term (up to 2020).

For a better examination of the measures necessary to achieve the objectives were set up six working groups ("infrastructure and security", "e-commerce", "e-gov / open date", "computer literacy", "Research and innovation , "" smart communities ") that, by June, define a regulatory package (which, although not yet exist, it already has a name:" Decree Digitalia ") that encompass a range of measures to simplify procedures using digital solutions and mechanisms incentive for the development of the digital economy. Always by June, the Control Room will also present a package of operational projects aimed at the realization of the Digital European Union.

The task facing the Government is not at all easy in our country, innovation has seen a swing made of bombastic announcements, major investments and new rules which is almost always paid the disappointment of the expectations raised.

For this reason, it is a physiological fact that - at the beginning - the Control Room has raised a number of concerns, including businesses, citizens, experts, research centers and associations are not used to having an institutional partner that maybe really take into account what have to say.

In this respect, the establishment of the working groups can be an important first step forward that, finally, can bring our country to a state of normalcy. At the time, including unauthorized documents and sites under construction , we have not yet cognizance of the measures that the control room wants to take to break the deadlock innovation Italian though - they say - the launch of a public consultation would be imminent .

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