Google Plus and privacy: first impressions

On Sat, 2 July 2011, in Privacy , Social Networks , by Ernesto Belisario

For two days the web is spoken almost exclusively with the news of the launch of Plus, the new social network from Google. Since the service is still in beta, many (including myself) have been quick to get an invitation to try out what has been defined as "the anti-Facebook." Of course, this does not [...]

Houston, we have a problem: We pay for the "case Vividown"

On Wed, 24 February 2010, in Sentences interesting , by Ernesto Belisario

E 'news a few minutes ago, three Google executives were convicted by the Criminal Court of Milan for invasion of privacy under the well-known case "Vividown" on the publication of a video showing a child suffering from Down syndrome and insulted beaten by four students. We still do not have the reasons for the [...]

Chrome: Google changes the license

On Fri, September 5, 2008 in Blogging , Open Source & Copyright , Privacy , by Ernesto Belisario

In the last two posts, I expressed my concerns about certain clauses of the license of Chrome, the new browser from Google, calling for a revision of the EULA. Well the concerns of the entire blogosphere has already prompted Google to change any of the terms in question. Predictably, the first change was that relating to the provision [...]

Google Chrome: still on license

On Wed, September 3, 2008, in Copyright , Miscellaneous , by Ernesto Belisario

In the previous post I explained some concerns in relation to the EULA for Google Chrome, the new browser everyone is talking about. Too focused on issues related to privacy, I shamefully neglected a strange and potentially dangerous clause in copyright. 11 Content license user 11.1 You retain copyright and any [...]

Google Chrome: read the license

On Wed, September 3, 2008, in Miscellaneous , Privacy , by Ernesto Belisario

Twenty-four hours on the web almost exclusively talking about the news of the launch of Chrome, the new browser from Google. After a short wait and a much followed the presentation, many (including myself) have been quick to download and install what has been called "the browser of the future." Obviously you will not find reviews or [...]